Audience personality Research: Using statistics

We decided to focus more specifically on personality types of our 
audience and also other information based around them.
Using this valuable information, we can focus our music video aesthetics on this type of person.
We began using assumptions of these people(e.g. rock fans being hardcore) and discovered if they followed the stereotypes using statistics.

Here are the results:

Click image for Prezi.

Afterwards, we presented our ideas. The footage can be found here:


In conclusion: Many of our previous assumptions was found to be correct, such as there age of most audience members being 15-24 years old. However, not all members proved to be ‘rebellious’ but strong willed instead. This does suggest a strong connection to the genres conventional lyrics however. In terms of fashion, audience members appear to mostly wear casual clothing, suggesting an informal audience with some appearing to be ‘intense’ as they wear the clothes merchandise. Audience members have been found to enjoy music similar to ‘the killers’ such as ‘Twenty one pilots’. This suggests the audience has a special connection to the genre and do not share a widened taste. In general, the fans of this band come under the personality type of both ‘the reformer’ and ‘the explorer’. Our assumptions of audience members being categorised as ‘the explorer’ proved correct but did not expect the variation in personality types.




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