Music video analysis(Goodwin theory) :Kids

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Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 12.51.06.png

This music videos narrative is presented through the eyes of a scared and neglected young child who appears to see nightmares and monsters, relating to most audiences past experiences as young children themselves or even experiences with their own children.

The entire video follows the narrative without much reference to the band . Therefore, the demands of the record label have been  met through the first shot, highlighting the bands name through  bright font:Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 13.07.18.png

Furthermore, the dark mist set behind the font foreshadows the dark theme behind the entire music video.

The first initial shot of the narrative focuses on the child, smiling. This conveys  the idea of a positive music video but we soon the truth. The lie portrayed by the music producers may be a intertextual reference to another song produced by the same band within the album, “your life is a lie”. This also creates publicity for that song also.Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 11.51.24.png

Following this shot, the reality of the music video is shown. We can see the arms of a monster attack the child,lifting him up. This portrays a typical image of a nightmare a child may have, relating to most audiences. Furthermore, the image relates directly to the song title, kids. This is suitable as the narrative follows a child’s perspective. Additionally,  the child can be seen in a cot. This gentle image typically applies a parent/or guardian looking over the child in protection. This idea following Goodwin’s theory, involving the notion of looking. The idea of realism increases suspense and the emotion behind the narrative.

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 13.09.55.png


Following the cot shot, we see a tracking shot moving up towards the ‘monster’. This change in shot is a thought beat because we can simultaneously  hear  the beat drop. At this point in the music video the audience can see the monster above the child, metaphorically showing its dominance and higher status. It may also symbolise the music video ruining a sweet idea such as a baby sleeping.

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 13.19.28.png


Also, This image of the baby within the cot has similar imagery to a prison behind bars, creating a confined and miserable image.


The genre of the song is categorised as ‘Electropop’. This is a genre of music characterised by the use of electronically created sounds. In most Electropop music videos directors usually place dance routines throughout. Normally, they are well choreographed  and feature the band/singer. A common example is ‘Kesha’. However, the creators behind ‘Kids’ have focused primarily on narrative and not involved the band in order to flaunt the conventions of the genre, creating their own successful style of music.
Due to its genre, ‘kids’ is a fast paced song with numerous quick changes in rhytmn. Therefore, each shot that is shown are short and change constantly, similar to the idea of ‘thought beats’.

After the cot scene, the lyrics begin and the rest of the narrative continues. At this point, the audience can see a relationship between lyrics and the visuals. For example, tScreen Shot 2016-09-28 at 17.23.30.pnghe song refers to “Mumma” while we witness a continuity shot of the protagonist baby and his mother walking, suggesting the lyrics relate closely the music video unlike various  music video which have no connection to its visuals.

Similar to Good grief, the theme of voyeriusm is shown in the music video  as the child continues to look back, forming the idea they are being watched, the notion of looking is also emphasised by the mother constantly looking at her phone. This also conceives the idea of neglect of the child, creating the sad image/message the music video creators want the audience to feel, just like when the ‘monsters’ appear.

Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 10.17.27.pngWith main theme being the nightmares and monsters, the creators made this a recurring theme by repeatedly showing images of the monsters throughout the music video.

Furthermore, camera techniques  are used  to portray the isolation of the child. Continuity is a child because it prolongs the time the child is alone with the monsters.

The following shot shows the entire band in silver suits. The colouScreen Shot 2016-09-29 at 10.31.11.pngr is bright, emphasising their importance within the music video as they deviate from the darkness of the nightmares. This is one of the only few shots that actually show the entire
e band. Typically, this genre shows the band through. Therefore, this music video opposes the usual shot types in the genre. The band can also be seen not having any involvement with the the narrative,unlike Bastille.

Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 10.39.21.pngThe protagonist can be seen wearing MGMT merchandise in the form of a head band. In Goodwin’s theory, this is an example of  meeting the demands of the record label, increasing the popularity recognition of the band.



The genre of ‘electropop’ hasn’t been shown visually within the music video. Normally, dancing or other forms of art are shown in order to match Goodwin’s theory of the music video containing ‘genre characteristics’ but Kids has no examples of dancing.

The rest of the music video includes animated images, popular within the genre and it is also visually inviting, deviating for the dark images of the monsters shown before,potentially suggesting a happy ending?Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 10.48.55.png


2 thoughts on “Music video analysis(Goodwin theory) :Kids

  1. WWW: reference to key images and significance in relation to lyrics
    reference to key shots
    EBI: intro to song – background, summing up of narrative
    why aren’t the band featured?
    explain the link to other Bastille song you reference – is this style of song typical of the band?
    define electropop – does this conform to/subvert conventions?
    please proofread!!

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