Music video analysis (Goodwin’s theory) presentation

After analysing the music videos and applying them to Goodwin’s theory I converted one into a Prezi presentation and had shown it to the entire Class. Afterwards, I received both negative and positive feedback(shown below music video link). The music video I chose to present was Bastille-Good Grief.

Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 10.32.12.png
Click for link

Examples of what went wells:

“Good analysis of Goodwins theory” 

“Good detailed structure”

“you understand your chosen genre”

“brought up how this song is marketed to youth culture”

“Knowledge of media and findings from video”

To summarise, My fellow media students felt my understanding of the video and methods/genre behind it were accurate. Also,  my understanding of Goodwins theory was useful and I applied it successfully to the music video, I know this as i received multiple comments on the use of Goodwin’s theory.

Examples of Even Better If’s:

“Analysis of why they have followed Goodwin’s theory”

“Organize Prezi”

“Need more sound and Mise-en-scene”

“unsure of structure”

“Bit more terminology”

To summarise, I realise I need to primiarly  focus on structure of slides and subheadings as i received multiple comments on orgiaizing and structure which led to confusion. Additionally, I need to apply further terminology and examples of media forms to my work in future. Finally. I should explain why Goodwin’s theory has been used.



One thought on “Music video analysis (Goodwin’s theory) presentation

  1. A sound presentation, Matt – you demonstrated a clear understanding of genre conventions. Check the Prezi link as it doesn’t appear to be working. And ensure you are completing checks of spelling/punctuation/grammar.

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