Digipak Analysis



This Digipak is considered one of the most famous released. Personally, I believe it is successful as it represents the band and their genre obviously. The digipak relates to Goodwins theory as it shows the band in the image(renown for wearing masks), creating a distinct connection between the two forms of media. Furthermore, any new potential audience member needs to have an idea of the bands image and overall messages before purchasing the Digipak. Therefore, the genre characteristics  of the band have been featured in the image.

The bands primary genre is heavy metal. common themes among this genre include Death and rebellion. The colour red is emphasised on the digipak, referencing blood and making connections to death. This is an example of how the theme of heavy metal is being portrayed. Also, the intimidating masks and unusual style of clothing opposes the norms of society in terms of appearance, referencing the theme of rebellion.

The title of the band is printed in white, This colour is emphasised by the surrounding red. Naturally, viewers will be attracted to the title, an obvious title is a necessary feature in most forms of media.

Most album covers for common genres search for high quality images. Both the digipak cover and inside image have scratches and stains placed there on purpose,  reinforcing the idea the bands genre is unique and different to most.

The band have avoided references to actually music, potentially confusing any viewers. Therefore, they have used a setting of a stage, surrounded by red curtains to portray the idea of Slipknot performing to their audience.

The font, placed high to show its importance swell as its dominating size, is less informal compared to most bands such as Adeles digipak. The uneven and unbalanced letters promote an unique and intimidating idea.


The inside cover includes a font that appears hand written, increasing the ‘creepy’ factor which connects with the intimidating mask from the front cover. Also, the hand written appearance creates a more authentic style with more attention being paid towards the digipak. The viewer may feel the digipak is valuable and feel obliged to purchase it.

Both images appear to be in poor quality, combing both covers visually.





The following Digipak contrasts largely compared to the previous. The use of vibrant colours suggests indie music or potentially an album that varies in styles with a happier underlining meaning.  The faces appear animated, suggesting a creative style of music that is different to the usual Indie songs. Furthermore, the overall image seems busy through the separate images being placed in one collage, potentially suggesting the band is popular and attracts a  wider audience. All these techniques have been used to create a positive image of the bands music and describe their style. Bright vibrant colours are common in Maroon 5 , such as ‘Songs About Jane’51zqDWdYusL._SY300_.jpg

The lady placed in the lower right side appears to be wearing a head band. This fashion was common within the 1960’s during the ‘hippie’ period. An audience member can see this and compare Maroon 5’s music with the music of this period. Additionally, the use of special effects became more famous around this time, further explaining the use of animation.

Although, the use of vibrant colours and special effects may purely of been used to attract audience members when viewing digipacks. Unlike other digipaks, their appears to be no image of the band members, juxtaposing Goodwins theory. The complicated design works effectively as it intrigues the viewer and creates curiosity behind the digipak.

The majority of colour surrounding the image is pink/purple. The colour purple refers to the theme of spirituality, forming another connection with the idea of hippies.

The title “over exposed’ matches the entire front cover. When researching previous  Maroon 5 albums, I had discovered  The O’s in the title join regularly, the use of this motif associates any previous Maroon 5 work with this new album, boosting its popularity through similarity.


Unknown-3.jpeg This side of the Digipak follows the same colour scheme and similar theme. The circle of characters draws attention to the important information within the circle. Also, the white background and black font opposes the normal colour scheme, drawing the attention to this information again. This side appears less artistic with less patterns. This is because this side is not initially viewed and is used as the information source behind the digipak. The digipaks barcode is included on the right hand bottom corner purposefully because it is necessary but doesn’t add to the visual appeal.

The animation is similar to other bands, such as Blurryface by twenty one pilots:


Both bands are indie rock, suggesting an animated and vibrantly coloured cover is common across the genre.Therefore, this theme/design has been used as a direct connection to Indie rock.



Immediately we see a connection between the visuals and band name through the great white Shark being featured on the digipak cover. Therefore, viewers can instantly connect the franchise with the image. Additionally, the use of the shark and ocean connects to some of the songs featured within the digipak, ‘Tangled Up In Blue’. 

As stated by the cover, the album includes the genre of rock. Common themes included in the genre are sex, love and desire. This explains the image the erotic image of the women shown on the cover. Her face has purposefully not been shown because it emphasises her sexualised image. The palm tree’s,blue sky,bikini and transparent ocean portrays a sunny resort. The setting is overall positive and cheery, opposing the heavy metal characteristics and suggesting the music behind the album is positive.

The image does not include any instruments or references to music. Therefore, we can assume the music is based around a narrative most importantly. This creates a unique selling point as the narrative may appear appealing.Many movies depict an attractive women being under threat, saved by heroism. The image of the women legs and the intimidating shark suggests this idea. Therefore, we can see an intertextual to these popular types of movies. Fans of this genre will hopefully plan on buying the digipak, increasing the revenue.

The sexualised image of this women is common throughout  ‘great white’ covers, creating a motif for they music and products also.Unknown-5.jpeg

The font in both digipacks appears to be the same, another way of combining the franchise for viewers.

Great White are a hard rock band. The use of a large and visually frightening great white emphasises the bands powerful lyrics compared to purely using sexualised images such as women. However, the bright and positive colours around the animal may help diverge the band away from heavy metal or darker forms of genre.


One thought on “Digipak Analysis

  1. All digipaks – use of colour throughout, style/size of font, comment on costume/facial expression, shot type, logos, additional info provided etc.
    How do they appeal to TA? Are they in keeping with the bands’ usual album artwork?


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