Analysis of Music Poster


Originally the group planned to use Fall out boy. Therefore, i chose to analyse the band for background research. The following poster features the bands successful album  ‘American beauty’. An iconic image of the album is shown in the bottom right corner, aimed specifically at audiences of this album.

Similar to Goodwins theory, the poster creators purposefully place the band members across the poster, drawing publicity and using the bands image as a form of attracting listeners. Additionally, the image shows the band walking down a road. Conventionally, this type of image is used amongst successful bands such as the Bbeatleseatles.

Strangely, most rock bands have attempted to recreate this type of image, suggesting it is a common convention amongst rock bands.

Although the image could be comsidered simplistic due to the lack of props and isolated look, the band has successfully conveyed information in discrete ways. Throughout their music ‘Fall Out Boy’ use a motif:


This image has purposefully been placed behind the bands name in order to create a faster relationship between the band and the poster.

The title appears is distinct compared to the rest, the font is larger, different and black .whereas the rest is brighter. Therefore, this information becomes noticed first. The use of black suggests the message within the album is darker. Previous fall Out boy albums such as “Save Rock n Roll” used bright colours to highlight the title:

220px-save-rock-and-rollTherefore, The band may be attempting to change the image in order to attract a wider audience or to appeal to modern genres of music.

Similar to both ‘Save Rock and Roll’ and the Beatles, Fall Out Boy look directly towards the Camera, another successful form of building rapport.

A member appears to be wearing an American flag, conveying the bands patriotic message and establishing a relationship between the image and the albums name.

The low angle suggests high status .
Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 19.23.23.jpg

The image of the poster uses the light from the sun as a backdrop, suggesting positive themes and creating a naturally attractive look.The light is shown to be blocked, suggesting elements of dark themes as previously suggested.

In the bottom right corner, we can see links to several social media networks. This example of convergence allows for Fall Out Boy to expand and allow audiences deeper access than just the album/tour shown.

Metaphorically, the image shown could suggest pathways in which the band has taken or potential audience members will take, a common influence amongst the rock genre. This is shown through the image of a long road, further suggesting ideas behind the narrative or what deep underlining messages could be found within the album.

The simplistic background behind the band may be chosen for specific reasons, it draws attention towards the band and allows space to feature the necessary text. Additionally, multiple images may confuse any viewers.

walk-the-moonThe following album is purely a band advertisement. The previous poster shown was specifically for a tour. Therefore, including information was vital and the simplistic appearance is no longer necessary for this poster. This explains the lack of text and focus on image. The simplistic appearance has been made possible through the use of  only involving two primary colours, orange and blue.

‘Walk The Moon’ are considered under the genre of ‘pop indie’ which is slightly different compared to other genres. Usually the music is faster paced,more upbeat and follows updated trends.

The theme of the poster is ‘underwater’, shown through the submarine,fish and general overall blue colour.

Previously, many albums by ‘Walk The Moon’ includes yellow backgrounds or fonts, causing this vibrant colour to become associated with the band. Therefore, the band may be attempting a new look but still contain elements of the original look through the reference to yellow(e.g. the submarine).

Usually, Indie pop music features real images, either of the band or another image connected to the album. The band  has tried to against the conventions of this genre through the use of pastel colours and the animated appearance. These images appear artisitic and attractive to younger audiences with an interest in animation.

In terms of typography,the font is non-aggressive and isn’t bold. It appears thin and contrasts effectively with the imagery due to its colour. Therefore, the font is passive. The creators may of decided to design this style of font in order to create a non-threatening poster, suggesting the album itself is mellow and calm.

The underwater theme has been made obvious through the use of camera position. Usually, shots of the ocean are high angle looking down towards the ocean but here the mid shot portrays an an entire ocean scene, emphasising the idea of it being ‘underwater’.





The following poster is promoting the popular band ‘Muse’. The titles font and design is generic across most Muse poster’s and merchandise. Therefore, this specific font becomes associated with the band and their image. Examples include:










Furthermore, the band also prefers to use darker colours (Usually black/grey) as the background image. These colours become associated with the band, their general theme and also show any dark messages the band wish to convey.

The entire image seems animated/drawn,similar to ‘Walk The Moon’. Therefore, we can assume the use of animation amongst the ‘indie rock’ genre is common. The image relates to the title effectively. The title ‘Drones’ has connotations of being ‘remote controlled’. Therefore, the image which suggests the hand is controlling  a large group of people correlates with the title. Also, the image may be an attempt to reflect conformity within society. Stereotypically, indie rock bands convey the themes of rebellion against society, suggesting this band is attempting to focus on the stereotypes of indie music. The dark colours,mostly grey, reflect the negativity behind conformity as it prevents free-will/creativity. Therefore, the band are attempting to suggest they are preventing this major issue and allowing free spirit. It may also be a reference to social class. The most authoritian hand with the highest power appears to be wearing a suit, referencing a higher social class as suits are typically associated with this group. Rock fans are often generalised as the working class and rebellious . Therefore, Muse are attempting to follow the same ideologies as their fans,forming rapport between theme and the audience. This idea of entrapment within social classes is reinforced by the imagery,  the screen showing the drones is small compared to the surrounding image, conveying the idea that the lower social classes are trapped/alienated.Muse-banner.jpg

Here is another example of  Muse being presented as the ‘good guys’. It is successfully shown through the use colour. For example, the white background and white font. This is an example of Binary oppositions as the ‘hero’ usually wears white. This explains the use of colour, as the darker colours are used within the poster I am analysing since the bands describing the higher social classes as  ‘the bad guys’. Also, notice the font is the same typography as the initial poster, showing this particular font is popular with Muse. The poster shown above is simplistic, providing two contrasting colours and a simple image of the band. Therefore, the image I initially analysed is flaunting the common themes found in Muse poster’s.

The bands message is mostly conveyed through the use imagery, such as the hands portraying the impact of class. The poster provides information of platforms the album is available for, ‘CD/CD+DVD/VINYL/ DIGITAL’ showing potential audience members the albums ease of access, boosting profits.

The general message behind the album is considered dark and sad. The font








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