In order to provide evidence for my commitment towards our media product I have created this blog post.  Chronologically, I have provided examples of my personal commitment towards our groups coursework, focusing more during the month of January:

29/11/16-pieced our  storyboard together (animated)

30/11/16-I added extra dates towards the shot lists while checking over mistakes

7th/12/16-completed the shot list, I completed content of shot and shot type.

16/12/16-filmed some shots at elkington, changing shots in order to see perri. i improvised some long shots.

January 6th-Creation of media music video poster(beginning)

January 9th-Creation of media music video poster (completed)

January 10th-editing (beginning sequences)

January 16th– adapting the filming schedule(due to changes with our plan to film at certain locations at different times compared to our previous plan, I contributed by adjusting the filming schedule)

January 17th- Today we decided to complete additional shots for our music video we had missed out or felt were not as high quality. Therefore, after school we visited our previous shooting locations and finished the music video. Personally, I focused on camera work because I do not play as a character in the music video, the main task involved recreating shots so they looked better this time compared to before.

January 18th-Due to the camera’s battery running out on the previous day, we visited the previous location and filmed some extra shots which could not be completed on the 17th.

January 23rd-  The deadline for the construction has been meet(January 20th) so we spent this lesson looking over the construction and began focusing on evaluation.





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