How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? +Podcast

WordPress- organize all planning on here. Keeps everything in categories so it’s easy to keep track of it all.

Keeps all aspects of production, construction and evaluation in one place that’s easy to navigate through

With a free membership, it is limited in the customisation and technologies you can use.

Allows access to other sites (e.g. Prezi) -convergence of products allows for better access.

comment section allows for teachers comments to be easily seen and made. This concept lets development

Survey monkey- helped to gather information about target audiences of alt-rock bands.

Easy to make surveys and share them on sites and comment sections.

Many people may ignore the request to answer it. Giving a smaller sample to collect info from.

Site is easily and accessible. Also it is easy to broadcast the link to other sites.

YouTube- used this to watch various music videos for alt rock songs. This helped to inform us of conventions and what it is that makes and alt-rock video.

Contains hundreds if not thousands of professional music videos, giving a wide variety of examples.

Easy to post construction on here, and easily embedded/linked to other areas.

As we used a song that is owned and copyrighted by someone our music video was blocked. However, we refuted the matter with the owner WMG and we can now use it. A problem one always faces on YouTube.

Renown  and popular video sharing site, making our video widely accessible to all audiences

youtube 3 billion views per day, showing its popularity and wide access to audiences.

Prezi- used to present and pitch our ideas to people, and then in return, we gather information about what potential audiences think. Helping to influence our final product.

Easy to use. Makes presentations more engaging. Helps to get across ideas.

Many times the saving has failed meaning work needed to be done all over again from the start. This makes meeting deadlines difficult.

Unique style in design/fonts creates new exciting way of producing content

Premiere pro- Used to edit the entirety of our music video

Easy to cut and organise all footage, has colour grading so no need for external programs. Plenty of effects.

more features/specific editing techniques than IMovie

Click Image for Link to soundcloud

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