What have you learned from your audience feedback?+Analysis



What have you learned from your audience feedback?

Question 1:


This particular answer gave us various results. However, our highest answered question was rock with 44.44%. This was X2 as popular as the joint second most answered questions, Indie and Alt rock. Therefore,  we discovered our audience members enjoy standardised  rock compared to specific genres within rock. This information means we are allowed to explore/involve conventions of all forms of rock. Because of this we produced a rock song (Muse The Handler) and featured various conventions of separate rock types. For example, we featured a dark setting, which is common theme of heavy metal rock and thought beats which is common within indie rock/alt rock. Although, Heavy metal proved to be unpopular. For this reason we distanced our media production from this style of rock.


Question 2:Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 10.57.11.png

Our next questions explore further in-depth. This particular question focused on the conventions that our audience enjoys. With 44.44% of our audience enjoying ‘deep and meaningful conventions, we decided to focus on this convention  with higher priority compared to the others. We conveyed this convention subtly. For example, our protagonist  within our music video turns out to be the antagonist at the end in a shocking twist.The idea of a ‘false hero’ can be considered deep. Adding the idea of  lies and false representation allows our audience to think deeply, exploring this idea in their own personal lives.


Question 3:Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 11.09.56.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-24 at 11.10.48.png

Question 3 focuses on qualitative data, allowing our audience members to develop their  own ideas. 88.88% answered the question with yes, suggesting they believe our music video follows the genre of Indie rock. Therefore, we have learnt from our audience ved the music video follows the genre.


‘Yes, complex narrative and thought beats’- suggesting our idea to follow a deep/meaningful convention conveys Muse’s genre successfully.

‘yes. Alt rock usually alt rock can be quite heavy and dark, so this fits well’ – The use of a dark settings and dark themes (e.g. murder) has successfully conveyed the genre of music

‘yes. violence and lighting especially – yet again the idea of violence has been used to successfully convey genre.

The ‘no’suggests their are elements within our music video which does not relate to the genre. However, the main message is successfully shown.

Question 4:

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 12.51.17.png

In this response, 66.67% of responders believed we went against the genre at certain aspects of the music video. Most responders did believe we followed the conventions but certain ideas did not follow them, e.g. ‘perhaps the narrative’ this is due to the dark nature of the narrative potentially relating to a death metal song more suitably. Additionally, the group did not feature a band or instruments as stated by a couple audience members. Typically, Muse and Indie bands are featured amongst their songs regularly but group we decided to focus more on the aesthetics and made the decision to not follow this convention.

Question 5:Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 19.34.08.jpg

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 19.34.19.jpg

The feedback for this particular question was very positive. 100% of people asked said they enjoyed the video, and nobody offered any criticism. The main thing we learned from this question was that people most liked the plot and the editing. For example, one respondent said “the narrative was very good and exciting and went well with the lyrics”. We did place emphasis on these two things by trying to make the plot as easy to follow and as exciting as possible, and by using certain techniques such as thought-beats in the editing stage to make the video suit the song as best we could. That people noticed and liked the editing and plot vindicated our decision and we know there is little to improve on that front.

Question 6:

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 19.35.53.jpg

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 19.36.22.jpgThis question showed us what they thought was best about the video and from the responses we can tell certain things which should remain unchanged  in the video, and anything else we might consider could be improved. That the responses covered a wide range of elements of the video suggests there was a lot which should remain the same and should not be improved. For example, people said: “I really liked the opening”; “editing was well done”; “the fire bit”; “special effect makeup”; and “visuals went well with the lyrics”, to name a few. Clearly the things people enjoyed about the video are wide-ranging and go beyond just the plot and the editing. From this we learned that lots of elements of the video were well done; however, we learned nothing of the camera shots and perhaps might have either been more adventurous or asked the audience whether or not they could have been improved.

Question 7:Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 19.37.46.jpg

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 19.37.56.jpg

This was a very important bit of audience research as we learned what bits of the video might have been changed to better suit the target audience. Two respondents said ‘No’, which was encouraging; but others gave some pointers, such as “less effects” and “characters are a bit confusing sometimes”. The effects might have been toned down a little and we will look to see if at any point they are overdone, but we used them in order to conform to the genre of music we were making a video for, and to in some ways imitate the videos of Muse, who use lots of special effects. The characters are purposefully confusing as the whole point of the plot is that the audience doesn’t know who the victim is. This might have been improved by showing the victim more in the video to emphasise the ambiguity.


Question 8:Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 19.39.00.jpg

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 16.00.42.jpg

The majority of respondents had said we followed the bands conventions-with 63% saying we definitely did, 25% being unsure and 13% saying no it does not. These figures suggest the group had been successful in its representation of the band and their conventions. However, these figures also show the bands own conventions are not widely known as certain audience members are not aware of Muse’s music videos. Therefore, we were able to express new and unique conventions without surprising/effecting muse’s audience.

After further analysis of the comments, an in-depth comment have great analysis of Muse and how we followed them,

“Absolutely, Muse consistently creates songs and videos based on real world events, and raises awareness from them. torture and kidnapping is a common occurrence that happens too often in the world’.

This comment proves our decision to follow the controversial topic and that it was the right decision as it successfully conveys the band Muse, their lyrics and the underlining messages they attempt to spread.

Another audience member states muse usually follow  narrative music video which has taught us our decision to focus primarily on narrative was positive.


The audience research was quite helpful as 88.8% of those we asked listened primarily to a form of rock or indie music. We were therefore able to get the opinions of our target audience. 44% of those we asked said they prefered ‘deep and meaningful’ music to other conventions of rock music. This is something we might have changed as the deep and meaningful aspect is not presented in the video. However, the song we chose was not one which would have suited a deep and meaningful plot, but instead a violent one which would please the 22% of people we asked who prefered violent and aggressive music. We did manage to appeal also to the 33.33% who said they liked narrative based genre conventions. This we clearly managed through the use of a story as the music video, with a beginning, middle and end. Nobody on the survey said they particularly enjoyed ‘challenging lyrics’ which is why we decided to use a song which was more instrumentally focused. 8/9 of people we asked believed our music video followed the genre of music. This, they comment, is mainly due to the lighting used – which was dark mainly – and the use of a mysterious plot. When asked what they thought went against the genre, most of our audience feedback said No; but where they answered Yes, it was primarily because there were no instruments shown in the music video. This is something people expect to see in a rock music video; however, we did not want to include shots which might detract from the plot which is why instruments are absent.

Audience feedback was overwhelmingly positive when asked to give an overall opinion of the music video. The main thing we learned from this is that our audience liked the editing and the plot. We therefore feel it was sensible to place emphasis on the narrative instead of individual shots. However, when pressed further, the audience research suggests that they liked the use of shots and editing too, and so the plot was not the only focus of the video. Some said that the editing and effects were a little unrealistic. This we might have toned down. Some feedback also suggests some of the shots were too lengthy. This we did in order to build tension, and is not uncommon in a rock music video, and so we would keep these the same. Mainly people said they would change nothing about the video. Most responses indicated that we successfully managed to create a video similar to one Muse might make themselves. This is due to the lighting we used in the torture and kidnapping scenes and the candid portrayal of real-life events. These two things are common features of muse videos, as well as a clear narrative, which we mimicked with a slightly confusing but simple plot. Some responses suggested  we didn’t create a music video similar to Muse and this is probably because we didn’t include instruments, which is indicative of the genre as a whole.



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