Our poster versus other posters

                      Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 19.25.59   VS……      


Our poster shares similar characteristics with this genuine Muse poster. The most significant similarity is the white against black contrast. We successfully conveyed the images.jpegidea of shadows, as have Muse. However, the bands poster may be considered official as it features images of the band playing, whereas our poster features images from our recreation. As previously mentioned in another analysis, Muse’s logo has been used in images-1.jpegboth  posters, further highlighting the similarities.

Following the analysis of Muse, we explored the indie rock genre as a whole. This poster explores a wider variety in brighter colours. We decided to focus on 3 main and dull colours, specifically following muse more compared to the genre overall.

This idea suggests Muses image is darker compared to other bands in the genre. Furthermore, this image is animated. Animation across Indie rock posters is renown but as a group we made the decision to focus on a realistic image as the messages behind our narrative are very real and impactful in modern society.images-2.jpeg

This particularly poster has its main image of a woman,conveyed  in a beautiful and sexual nature. The typical convention of a ‘love story’ is stereotyped across the Indie Rock genre. However, we decided to deviate from this theme and decided to focus on the relationships, e.g. Villain and the innocent. Therefore, our poster includes no images or suggestion of a woman role and purely focuses on the ‘masked’ villain.


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